Backup Software – Which software to use and how to use it

In our last blog entry, we covered the different hardware options for backing up your important files. In this entry we will look at the different software options for backing up your data. In most versions of Windows, Microsoft included a software backup solution for Windows users. Unfortunately, it was not included by default with […]

How often should I Backup my Data? How often? What are my options for backup?

  There is an old saying in the Information Technology (IT) business, it is “You only need to backup the files that you want to keep”. That is to say that you never know when your hard drive might crash and you will lose all your files. A good Backup Plan will allow you to […]

Anti-virus, which one is right for you?

We are often asked “What is the best anti-virus program to use?” The best way to answer this question is answer a question with a question and that is “What is the best anti-virus program for you?” Now we’re not trying to be difficult or a “smart ass”, but each computer user has a different […]

Why Trust PCRx and the advice we publish in this blog?

We at PCRx, LLC in Bluefield, VA make it our mission to help our friends and clients enjoy their computing experiences. We realize that everyone is not a computer genius but everyone wants their computer to work properly with the least amount of problems or frustrations. That’s what we want for you too! When you […]