Should I fix my computer or printer or replace it?

This is a question that we are often asked and there are a number of considerations that need to be kept in mind in making a decision.
First, you need to consider the age of the hardware. If the computer is less than three (3) years old and you were happy with the performance and features of the computer, then this is one point in favor of repair.
Second, if the cost of repair is less than one half (1/2) to one third (1/3) of the price of a new computer, this is another point in favor of repair.
Third, if the computer passes the first two test than this may be a good time to consider doing upgrades to hardware or software to bring the computer up-to-date or increasing the speed at which it performs.
If the computer is between three and five years old then you would need to carefully consider the cost of the repair even if your happy with performance and features. At this age the computer will start showing signs of electrical and heat fatigue and may start beginning to fail completely.
If the computer is more than five years old the only reasons to repair the unit would be if a) you have a line of business or specialty application that will not run on a newer computer or b) you can only afford to repair the computer and can not afford a new one.
As far as printers are concerned, many of the same considerations need to be taken as to whether to repair or replace. In addition to the computer points you will need to consider whether you are printing the same volume of prints as when you first bought the printer. If you are printing significantly more pages then an upgrade may be in order. If you are printing an equal amount or fewer pages then repairing the printer may be warranted.
You should also determine the cost per page, many of the newer printers are not only faster but have a lower cost per page. A lower cost per page may allow the new printer to pay for itself in often less than a year. The replacement of a printer may also allow you to upgrade to newer features that weren’t available when you purchased your printer.
If you are in need of an opinion about whether to repair or replace your current hardware please contact PCRx for guidance without obligation.
We hope that this blog entry was useful to our readers and as always if you have any question feel free to contact us at 276-322-1578 or e-mail or


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