Why Trust PCRx and the advice we publish in this blog?

We at PCRx, LLC in Bluefield, VA make it our mission to help our friends and clients enjoy their computing experiences. We realize that everyone is not a computer genius but everyone wants their computer to work properly with the least amount of problems or frustrations. That’s what we want for you too!
When you call us on the telephone, we try to give our clients the best advice based on Information Technology industry standards. We do not want to sell you any hardware, software or services that you do not need. If you are having work done by another service provider (our competition) and want a second opinion we will give you our honest opinion at no cost. We will not badmouth or insult our competitors if our opinion doesn’t agree with their opinion or procedure. There is often more than one way to do a job and unless our competitor is doing something dangerous or illegal, we will not criticize them.
We want to help you have the best possible computing experience at the least possible cost and aggravation. We are here to help you, not just sell you a load of computing hardware and software and send you on your way.
Our blog will have the same philosophy, good advice with no “axe to grind”. We will give our best opinion without trying to sell you “everything under the sun”. If you have a question that we feel will benefit the rest of our friends and clients then we will not only answer you personally but post the question and answer on our blog (we may even give you credit for the question).
Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you enjoy the information and benefit from our answers.